Recommended Books

Here are several guidebooks that KPMS members turn to. They all cover a good percentage of Pacific Northwest mushrooms.

All That the Rain Promises and More, by David Arora — A colorful, good-humored pocket-sized guide. It efficiently lists key features that can help you tell similar species apart.

A Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, by Daniel Winkler — A laminated folder, describing about 50 key edible or dangerous mushrooms. A very good starter guide, easily carried in your basket.

Fruits of the Forest: A Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Edible Mushrooms, by Daniel Winkler — Helps you find, identify and prepare more than 170 edible mushroom species.

Mushrooms Demystified, by David Arora — Thorough and authoritative reference book, with an emphasis on cascading identification keys. More than 2000 species in more than 1000 pages.

Mushrooms of British Columbia, by Andy MacKinnon and Kem Luther — More than 350 common species are organized by shape, with an emphasis on common names. Just as useful in Western Washington as in Canada.

Mushrooms of Cascadia: An Illustrated Key, by Michael Beug — Photos, key features and comments guide you to identification of more than 900 species.

Mushrooms of the Northwest: A Simple Guide to Common Mushrooms, by Teresa Marrone and Drew Parker — Organized by overall shape and features.

Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, by Steve Trudell — Nearly 500 of the region’s mushroom species, described and photographed.

Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, by Christian Schwarz and Noah Siegel — Thorough and authoritative, with useful arrays of  color photographs. Very useful in coastal Washington too.

Witch’s Butter
(Tremella aurantia)