Mushroom Identification and Gathering

All About Mushrooms — A UK-based collection of resources.

Foraging Guide — A general collection of mushroom information and identification.

Keys to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest — From a panel of local experts, these keys can be applied in the field to identify Northwest fungi.

Matchmaker, Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest — A free program, for Mac or PC, that helps identify thousands of Northwest mushrooms.

Matsutake Mushroom, A Guide for Finding and Picking — In-depth advice on where, when and how to locate the pine mushroom.

MushroomExpert — More than 1,000 North American species described and illustrated.

Mushroom World — Search a mushroom database based on the name or some property of the mushroom.

Mykoweb — Descriptions and photos of 500 California mushrooms, plus abundant mycology resources.

Pacific Northwest Morel Key — Adapted from Mycologia, a step-by-step decision tree for identifying our various regional morel species.

Washington Mushroom Harvest Rules — The rules vary widely among federal, state and local land agencies.

Western Amethyst Laccaria
(Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis)