KPMS 2020 Wild Mushroom Show

Welcome to our show!
Like everyone else, we’ve had to adapt to pandemic times. We’d planned this weekend to invite hundreds of our neighbors to enjoy our displays, discussions and other events at Olympic College.

This year, we’ll be gathering in small foray groups on Saturday, and here via Zoom on Saturday and Sunday. The focus will be on where to find, and how to identify, the wild mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Saturday, Oct. 24

We invite our members to join one of the several forays today — or to head out on their own for that matter — to sample the wide variety of wild mushrooms in Western Washington.

Forays can be found here.

Bear in mind that these forays are smaller than usual, for 2020 reasons. They’re being led by club members whose main task is to get you into and out of the woods safely — not necessarily to identify all your finds.

Hang on to those interesting finds, because Saturday evening we’ll convene a big Zoom chat to discuss How to Look at a Mushroom.

How to Look at a Mushroom: 6 pm. This Zoom will be open to both members and the public. If you’re asked for credentials, the Meeting ID is 871 8076 7942 and the Passcode is 054957.

Also! Check out our new video guides.

Sunday, Oct. 25


Join the Show on Zoom: 1pm to 3:30 pm.

If you’re prompted for credentials, the Meeting ID is 874 7893 1598 and the Passcode is 409508.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • Show and tell about the mushrooms you’ve all found on Saturday. Hold them up to your webcam, and club members will help you identify them. And we’ll share “how to ID” tips.
  • How to Think Like a Mushroom: A presentation on Northwest mushroom habitat, fungi habits, and where, when, and why we find these particular mushrooms.
  • The Four Keys for Identifying Common Mushrooms: For about half a dozen mushrooms that are common in the woods right now, here are the basic identification tricks. Useful for chanterelles, matsutakes, shaggy parasols and more.
  • Videos: We’ve got a few to share!

And if you feel so moved, we always appreciate contributions in support of our outreach efforts. Here’s a link to PayPal, where you can tap into your credit card for any amount you like. Thank you!