January 13 General Meeting: Making Mushroom Videos

Aaron Hilliard, KPMS vice president, is the proprietor of the YouTube channel Mushroom Wonderland, which in just 18 months has grown to more than 10,000 subscribers. His 60-some videos capture the excitement of exploring Northwest habitats in every season. (One Continue reading →

April 14: Exploring the Southeast U.S.

Exploring the Southeast -- What would you find in the woods if you lived in the Southeast U.S.? What's different? What's dangerous? Our April speaker is Anna McHugh, who lives in North Carolina and celebrates local mushrooming with her popular Continue reading →

May 12: Finding Morels in the Northwest

Our spring mushroom season is dominated by the hunt for morels, from mid-April well into June. For a guide to what's out there, when and where to find them, and how to tap into the burn morel bonanzas, we've turned Continue reading →

June 9: Mushroom DNA for Dummies

Mushroom DNA for Dummies -- Is DNA sequencing really the last word in the 200-year-old quest to classify and name mushrooms "correctly"? What does it mean, and how does it work? What are the biggest surprises? Danny Miller, our guest Continue reading →

Sept. 8: Should I Have Eaten That?

Should I Have Eaten That? -- We kick off our autumn speaker lineup with Professor Michael Beug, who was a longtime mycology guru at The Evergreen State College. He is famous for being one of those brave folks who first Continue reading →

Oct. 13: Predatory Fungi

Chico Alliance Church 3670 Chico Way NW,, Bremerton, Wash., WA

Predatory Fungi --  Who knew? Turns out that fungi have devised a remarkable range of strategies  to entrap or hunt prey, whether that be micro-animals, arthropods, bacteria, or even other fungi. Serendipitous work by farmers and mycologists has led to Continue reading →

Nov. 6: KPMS Annual Wild Mushroom Show

Building 10 (Bremer Center), Olympic College, Bremerton 1600 Chester Ave, Bremerton, WA

Everything you wanted to know about mushrooms, all in one place! This is our biggest, best opportunity to share our enthusiasm and information with the community. We hope you come by to visit! Expert presentations Your mushrooms identified 150+ local Continue reading →

Nov. 10: Fascinated by Fungi

Fascinated by Fungi -- When he's not studying the yeasts that ferment California wines, Dr. Gordon Walker is out in the woods foraging. He promotes environmental stewardship and a more sustainable relationship with nature via FascinatedbyFungi.com and is an unapologetic Continue reading →