Mushroom Cookbooks

After you bring home a big haul of edible fungi, what do you do next? Here are several cookbooks that KPMS members turn to.

Complete Mushroom Book, by Antonio Carluccio — “One small pheasant, cleaned” is the sort of ingredient you can find alongside the mushrooms in this Continental approach to cuisine.
Deerholme Mushroom Book, by Bill Jones — There’s as much emphasis on how to get mushrooms into your kitchen as what to do with them once they get there. Recipes range from breads and soups through main courses, salads and desserts.
Joe’s Book Of Mushroom Cookery, by Jack Czarnecki — Hundreds of recipes, from a restaurant that incorporates wild mushrooms in its main courses.
The Mushroom Feast, by Jane Grigson — Very British, from an author who has a lot to say about the context of her classic wild mushroom preparations.
The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen, by Chad Hyatt — Plain talk and creative new ideas from a professional chef who knows what it’s like to arrive home with a giant chicken of the woods.
Shroom, by Becky Selengut — A Seattle private chef and teacher, Selengut focuses on 15 relatively accessible mushrooms to create 75 meals. Wine pairings included.
Wild Mushrooms, by Cynthia Nims — A Northwest food writer encourages the addition of mushrooms to meals throughout the day.
Wild Mushrooms, by Kristen and Trent Blizzard — The authors are experienced foragers, so each chapter is a collection of recipes for mushrooms they’ve brought home by the gallon.

Lobster Mushroom
(Hypomyces lactifluorum)