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Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society (KPMS): Membership Form
Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society KPMS: Cantharellus Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society

Membership Form
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Membership costs only $25.00 per year, and entitles your family to the following benefits:

  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter.
  • Access to check out books from our extensive club library.
  • Discounted rates on the purchase of select mushroom books and merchandise.
  • Entry of mushrooms in our ANNUAL WILD MUSHROOM SHOW, where you may win prizes and bragging rights for superior specimens!
  • Invitation to attend club field trips and forays. There are overnight trips in the spring to gather the true morels, boletes, spring coral mushrooms, and puffballs. In the fall we have day trips to our local forests to find chanterelles, cauliflower mushroom, chicken of the woods, and occasionally even the pine mushroom.
  • The opportunity to learn from folks who have hunted the local edible mushrooms for years!

Please fill out the fields below and click "Next" to continue the registration process. Fields marked with a "*" are required; all others are optional. If you have an email address, we need it to keep our mailing costs down. We will not sell or share it with anybody outside of the club. If you provide us your email address, we will automatically put you on our newsletter & foray email list.

Memberships are due at the beginning of each year. Memberships at or after July 30 will be honored for the next year.

You may also use the form to update your membership information. Select 'N/A' for payment and 'Change Info' for membership.

If you would prefer to join the club or renew your membership using a check, please use the KPMS membership form and mail it in or bring it to a meeting. You may also fill out the form and pay by cash at a meeting.

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If you have any trouble with this form or registering, please send an email to treasurer@kitsapmushrooms.org.